Dear Woman. . .

Dear woman,

You are inevitably the most precious soul in this world,
you walk this earth with confidence,

your sole is filled with journey and stories,

both lessons, and adventures.

Dear woman,

You love so hard,

at times, you need to be reminded to love yourself,

do it for you, and only yourself,

for what it is worth,

you are worthy of love.

Dear woman,

your journey doesn’t end in a house, with a husband, and a child,

your journey will never end,

for it will follow you til your soul touches the heaven skies,

when this time comes,

you know that your journey has been one hell of a ride.




Self-Note. . .

We live in a fast pace society where self-love is at times omitted to please the people in our surroundings. I resonate with the “stop and smell the roses” a lot, however, I also get caught up with everything. Today, I release myself from the stressors that has shackled me from loving myself, and living for myself. I was on the phone with my friend, and as we were conversing, she was making good points about myself. I think the world has a personal vendetta against me, but I never thought that MAYBE I was the one with a personal vendetta against myself. See, when I was little so much love was given to me, and as high school flowed like a rapid river, I quickly evolved with it. As a grown woman, I see that maybe not everyone in this earth gives equally. The saddest part is, those who loves immensely don’t know that not everyone will love you equally. Maybe, it’s my personality, maybe it’s my zodiac sign. However, today… I release myself from all the anguish of vendettas, self-loathing, and I will love myself for what I am. As you release yourself from everything, you’ll have brighter days. Spend your days with positivity, and spread love to your surroundings.


Today. . .

May 18, 2018

Today, my father and I lost each other. I lost my dad, and him, he lost his daughter. I lost my father through the treachery of selfishness, and sadness. The clouds took him away from me, as the sun took me away from him. I guess it was for the best, for both of us, needs a minute to grow apart.

Today, my father lost his daughter, I choose to move on.

For my Mama. . .

A mother can be called different kinds of ways,

but as my mother,

you are “mama”.

Your skin is etched,

filled with parable stories,

and beautiful, unique memories.

Strength has built you for over 44 years,

faith has guided you throughout the years,

compassion, it has been embedded forever in your heart.

With tears,

you’ve fought with smiles, and laughter,

with pain,

you’ve fought with forgiveness, and love.

Through it all,

you are my pillar of hope,

the one who taught me that love, and happiness triumphs envy, and jealousy.


is what I am,

for god has given me you.



Sick, and Tired. . .

As depressing, and gut wrenching as it is…. Life is a bunch of disappointments that you’ll have to get used to every day. The thing is, I was hoping it was not going to be you, unfortunately, I fell short on that department. I guess you are the big fat disappointment in my life. Every day, I was hoping for you to change; and every day, you say “sorry” like it’s an ordinary vocabulary slipping out of your tongue. I’m all out of faith, and by the time I am unable to forgive you, you’ll be too late. I am sick and tired of you, and your reasons, and I am tired of your forever apologetic self. Sorry, but I am done. You can kiss my sympathy good bye.

Adulthood. . .

The bliss of growing up,

adventures of unsung waves thought and perceived as magical, and a gateway to all thing beautiful,

where we all realize that the end,

is nothing more than flipping a chapter,

to start a new,

and a gateway to adventures, plural, multiple,

crossing paths we’ve never though of crossing,

where we travel to the depths of the sea,

and realizing how small our world used to be,

and now,

we are here,

where we’ve questioned, and answered, and ponder,

the rest ,

it is still unwritten,

and there is still more path,

yet to be discovered.

So, you,

go on ahead,

fly through this journey,

let your wings spread,

do not let yourself be dictated,

guide yourself,

and no path is the wrong path,

you will find your goal,

and reach for a new, next.

Your Worst Enemy

A reminder.

charlene garcia

Have you heard of the saying that we are our own worst enemy?

Because I really do think it’s true.


Our minds and especially to those who tend to overthink, It destroys us. Leaves us with a feeling of uncertainty and constant second guessing. It’s a trait that every one of us has, although some may have it more than others. Sometimes we see people who possess the happy-go-lucky trait and envy them so much because they always seem happy and stress-free. Stress is the reason why we are alive today, it’s a natural response that we have when we feel that we’re in a dangerous situation. Stress hormones are then released into your bloodstream and pumped all throughout your body, that’s why your breathing becomes quicker, your heart starts pounding and seeing things are a bit more sharper.

But what does this have to do with being our own…

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An Open Letter to an Ex-friend. . .

An open letter to an ex-friend. . .

I am not going to say sorry for cutting you off my life. It was likely to happen, and it was for the best. You see, our friendship was becoming toxic. In fact, long before we graduated, it was already toxic. We were both liars; and as I sit here writing this, I am not going to deny how much of a bad friend I am. I knew we were not a perfect pair, but, I did not want to lose you. They told me to cut you off, but I did not listen. A few months ago, I had an awakening. Almost half of the people who I hanged out in high school did not actually like me, except for the girls in our group. Maybe it was because I was loud, weird, outspoken, annoying(as one said)– I will never know. But, guess what? They were all fake to each other anyways. So, I realized that night to cut them all out of my life; including you. It was the healthiest way to let go of high school. Although college I mean life is a treacherous journey, I would choose all the people I have met so far over high school. I miss high school because of it’s safe haven. I did not have to care about loans, or anything. But, I do not miss the people. What really hurts was that I felt that you did not care about me, as much as I cared about you. I guess other people are more important than me, and that is fair. I mean, after May(?) we haven’t spoken for a little bit after that. And, not going to lie, our encounter in September was a little bit awkward. But I was hoping that our history would make up for that. At times, I felt like you looked down on me, and I just did not say anything. I am not writing this to bare you to the world, but to rid myself of “anger”. Although I cut you off, I want to send my best wishes to you. I know how strong you are, and I know, you will do good in life. I know you’re selfless, and one day, I hope to hear that you have done good for yourself. Please don’t let other people’s words define you, because you are so much more than that. Keep spreading your positivity because that is very important, and I know that it always makes a difference. I hope you have found better friends than me; people who will treasure and love you for who you are. I want you to know that I do not regret the journey we had together; we have grown apart, and I do not think ill of you.



To the Brown Haired Angel. . .

You came 3 years before,

and it was brief,

in fact,

you did not leave a mark,

till the day you left,

you climbed out of earth,

flew up,

and you started guiding your love ones,

earlier than you should have.

A surprise, you’ve put on a show,

loved dearly, by everyone,

and some how,

I knew you for a brief second,

and you have left a mark in my heart.